No, I wouldn’t change, and here’s why:

1. Every sacred formula, Christian or Muslim or otherwise, can begin to seem hollow or empty of meaning in the spiritual work; times of dryness are to be expected.

2. The Name ALLAH is of course, as you say, a perfectly acceptable Christian Name for God, used by Arabic speaking Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere.

3. Perseverance with a particular form is essential, however; frequent change is like shifting the position of two sticks that one is rubbing together to produce a flame.

4. “Feelings” are notoriously misleading; you should take to heart Schuon’s admonition, “Instead of being governed by phenomena or seeking inspirations we should submit to principles and accomplish actions; Heaven will not ask us what we have experienced but what we have done.”

5. Of course, if a given state of consciousness persists for some time, it may well be significant, but it would be quite illogical to draw any definitive conclusions from the fleeting hal you report.

6. My advice—given these brief observations—is therefore to continue using the Name you started with; it is enough to know that it conveys integral Truth, whether or not you may sense it so.