As a follow-up to my last post “On the Position of Sin” (17 May 2008), I recommend you give careful thought to the follow passage from Schuon:

“Gnosis objectifies sin—error carried into action—by referring it back to its impersonal causes, but subjectifies the definition of sin by making the quality of action depend on personal intention. The moral perspective, on the contrary, subjectifies the act by identifying it as it were with the agent, but objectifies the definition of sin by making the quality of the act depend on the form, and so on an external standard” (Stations of Wisdom [World Wisdom Books, 1995], 147-48).

As a bhakti marga, it’s in the nature of things that Christianity, even in its Orthodox form, should promulgate its doctrines from a “moral perspective” and hence encourage people to “identity” themselves with their sins (see my post on “The Greatest of Sinners“).

The gnostic need not trouble himself with this fact. Let people be who they are, and who they need to be.