If you’re finding discursive and intercessory prayer more “gratifying” and “fulfilling”, there’s certainly nothing wrong in keeping your focus on that.

It’s a question, at least in part, of calling and opportunity. A jnanic path is above all for people who have a concrete, existential, or ontological “need” to know God as such, the Divine Essence—and who understand, implicitly if not explicitly—that in order to know That which is they must be That which knows. This is a rare and high calling, to be sure, but it’s only one spiritual vocation among others, and not the “best” or the “right” one for everyone.

Temperamentally—as far as I may able to judge these things—you seem to be of a type that could benefit from a distinctly, or predominantly, jnanic way. But perhaps not now; perhaps not while you’re still raising your children. Such a path is quite demanding, to say the least … of time among other things.

Mind you, I’m not trying to dissuade you. But if and when you resume the more intense practices of concentration and remembrance, you should do so with your eyes wide open, seeing them as one set of practices among legitimate others, and not going back to them because you feel guilty or “second-class”.