How to “maintain balance” and “acquire peace”?

I could simply quote myself quoting Schuon: “Metaphysical truth, a life of prayer, moral conformity, interiorizing beauty: this is the essential, and this is our message” (Advice to the Serious Seeker, p. 7). In other words, (1) one must distinguish between the Absolute and the relative so as to then (2) concentrate on the Absolute, and one must do this within (3) the inward space of virtue and (4) the outward space of traditional aesthetic forms.

But as I also pointed out in my book, these essential principles as such or on their own are not enough. They must be embodied and actualized within the context of a living, orthodox religion. And this means that one’s first task is to become sacramentally affiliated with such a religion.

Our choices, realistically, can be reduced to three: Christianity, Islam, or Buddhism, and in each case one must be discerning enough to know which “denominations” are fully traditional. For it’s within them alone that one can find the spiritual nourishment necessary for following the Path to its end—and thus to the balance and peace you seek.