Let me add an additional word on the subject of what one should expect from a Path. It is well known that Guénon placed much of his emphasis on intellectual doctrine and the “technical” aspects of initiation and method, whereas the Schuonian doctrine is considerably more “global”, emphasizing in addition the necessity of the virtues and good character. And yet even Guénon could write:

“In order to be truly profitable, initiatic teaching naturally requires a receptive mental attitude, but receptivity is not at all a synonym for passivity; on the contrary, this teaching requires of the one who receives it a continual effort of assimilation, which is essentially active, and even active to the highest degree that can be conceived” (“Initiation and Passivity, Perspectives on Initiation [Sophia Perennis, 2001], p. 222).

It is in the nature of things that some initiates, because of their greater effort and “activity”, assimilate more of the teaching than others, with evident results.