It’s quite understandable that beauty, particularly sonorous beauty, is for you an opening to Heaven and even—in its way—a modality of prayer. There is certainly nothing to apologize for if you have an affinity for sacred music. On the other hand, this alone will not take the place of method or active ascēsis as such.

As for finding such a method, you seem to have read around in books about prayer, but I take it that your practice thus far has been desultory at best and more or less when the “mood” (your word) seemed right. But—you say—your “heart” is now “sure of the road to be taken”; all you have to do is “pick up your feet”. Indeed! Nothing I might say could add anything to this candid self-assessment.

There are people who spend their entire lives reading books about religion—and no, they’re not all professors!—and who are always thinking about beginning a discipline, but who continue to procrastinate and put off any real work on themselves. I’m afraid all the intelligence and erudition and good intentions in the world can’t make up for laziness. Even if “a sleeping man is still a Buddha”, a Buddha isn’t a sleeping man.